Special Projects Archives
These are special websites that document Harry's vision for a particular statue, the sculpting process, and dedications.Some of the websites are from our achives and look distinctly different than the main website.
ho chunk family tree
Ho Chunk
Family Tree

Follow the progress as sculptor Harry Whitehorse creates a ten foot tall sculpture from a 150 year old white oak log soared over Madison's Thoreau School.

One Child Spinning Through Mother Sky
Follow the progress as sculptor Harry Whitehorse creates a  sculpture from a seventy-year-old Osage Orange tree that was originally planted in Madison's Greenbush neighborhood
effigy tree
Effigy Tree Restoration
The Effigy Tree sculpture has been removed from
Hudson Park in Madison, WI for conservation.


Peace Crane
Commissioned in memory of Watertown High School Gifted and Talented teacher Amy Syth and installed
near the south end of Watertown High School's Peace Garden.

Edgewood College Standing Eagle
Follow along as Harry creates a wood sculpture for
Madison, Wisconsin's Edgewood College.