Multi-Medium Sculpture Gallery One
In the early years of his artistic career, sculptor Harry Whitehorse pounded, shaped, and welded pieces of metal into smooth, stylized statues. Eventually, the physical demands of pounding metal forced Harry to experiment with a less taxing medium. He developed a process where various epoxies are layered over an armature and then carved to the desired shape. The sculptures can be painted realistically or used as models for bronze casting.

Ghost Warrior
Unique Edition
Steel, Epoxy, Oil Paint
Life Size
9' x 7'x 3'
"Ghost Warrior" is the sculptor's powerful vision of an answer to a prayer. Over one hundred years ago, many Native Americans danced the Ghost Dance, praying for the return of the old ways, for the return of the buffalo, and for the return of their warriors.


Ghost Warrior
This sculpture is galloping between our two worlds, the physical and the spiritual. "Ghost Warrior combines Harry's metal sculpting techniques and his carving skills. It can be seen at Whitehorse Gallery.


Winter Hunters
Unique Edition Medium:
Epoxies, Oil Paints Dimensions:
96" x 54" x 16"
Private Commission

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Unique Edition Medium:
Aluminum, Epoxies,
Oil Paints
13'3" x 15' x 5'

The 1994 birth of a white buffalo calf in Janesville, Wisconsin is a sign that White Buffalo Calf Woman is returning to fulfill a prophesy held sacred by many Native Americans. Generations ago, she promised she would bring back spiritual balance and harmony. Harry Whitehorse honors the birth of Miracle, the white buffalo calf, with his sculpture "White Buffalo Calf Woman."
The statue is on display at the Heider farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, home of Miracle.


White Buffalo Calf Woman