Oil Painting Gallery
Attention to detail is important to artist Harry Whitehorse, particularly in his oil paintings. Harry spends hours researching the elements of his composition. He prefers to paint in the Old Masters style. Each painting starts with sepia washes and then layer after thin layer of paint is painstakingly added to create a very rich and evocative scene.

Under Indian Police Arrest
Medium: Oil on Linen 57" x 48"
Limited Edition Prints Available
In the late 19th century, the repeating rifle was the most sought after possession any man could want. For the Indian, one way which to obtain it was to join the U.S. Indian Police. By sacrificing many allies a man could gain a Winchester, some harness, maybe a wool coat or a bedroll, and a badge. for most, the authority it granted was not respected by them or their people. In this oil painting, Harry Whitehorse has captured this graphic conflict..


Mallards Preening
Detail From
"Mallards Preening"
Medium: Oil on Linen
Print Image Size:
14" x 12"
Limited Edition Prints Available


Enterprise: Setting the Mark
Medium: Oil On Linen
48" x 36"
Another of Harry's enthusiasms, the sport of ice boating has become a favorite subject for oil painting. Reaching speeds well over 100 mph, the skeeter class (as shown in this painting) of iceboat has become the Formula One of the ice yachting world. Harry continues to design and build ice boats and has sailed with the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club of Madison, Wisconsin, for many years.

Steve Kinser:
King of the Outlaws

Medium: Oil on Linen
57" x 48"
Open wheel racing is one of Harry's life-long passions and he has owned, designed, and built many midget (racing with Badger Midget) and sprint cars over the years. This painting is one in a series devoted to open wheel champions. Steve Kinser, the fifteen time World of Outlaws champion, was voted recently as the greatest sprint car driver in history. 


Seasons of the Dells: Spring
Oil On Poster Board
Mural Dimensions:
104' long x 14' tall


Seasons of the Dells: Summer
These five continuous original oil paintings were digitally scanned and enlarged into 48" x 14' panels.

Season of the Dells: Harvest
The panels are installed at Ho Chunk Hotel & Convention Center in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.


Seasons of the Dells: Fall
Harry chose to paint the murals in a style that has its roots in Native American Ledger Art.


Seasons of the Dells: Winter
Everything is drawn with an outline, down to each leaf, blade of grass, feather, and person. The scenes depict areas around Wisconsin Dells and Harry strove for the "I've been there" feeling in the murals.