The Technique:

Harry is creating the sculpture in a style that he developed in the beginning of his art career and is similar to Repoussé. Pieces of steel are cut to fit a pattern, like a jig saw puzzle. He then pounds the pieces into their desired shapes on an anvil. The shaped pieces are welded together to form a three dimensional piece. Each weld mark is erased with a grinder. Harry is then able to shape more intricate detail in the metal. Harry has completed several other commissioned public artworks in this style and the photos may be seen on the Metal Sculpting page of his website.

Welcome to the Peace Crane
Work in Progress Website.

Follow along as sculptor Harry Whitehorse creates a unique Sandhill crane sculpture for the Watertown High School International Peace Garden.

The sculpture, commissioned in memory of Watertown High School Gifted and Talented teacher Amy Syth, is to be permanently installed near the south end of the Peace Garden.


Peace Crane Dedication

June 6, 2004

Max Whitehorse, Harry Whitehorse, and the Syth family.

January 24, 2004:
After creating the head, Harry temporarily attaches it to the body. In the coming days, he will detail the feathers on the body and head.

January 28, 2004:
With the body and neck roughed in, Harry creates a mock-up of the crane's head.

January 16, 2004

Harry pounds the body into shape.

He chalks the pattern on the steel 

Cutting the steel with a shear.

Fitting the piece.

January 15, 2004:
Watertown High School teacher Mr. Jacobson shows Harry the International Peace Garden and the area where the Peace Crane is to be installed.

January 14, 2004:
Harry welds the metal pieces together. Harry and his grandson, Max, grind the welds away.

January 12, 2004
The Beginning

The sheet of steel that Harry will transform by cutting, pounding, welding, and grinding into into a life size crane sculpture.

Harry tapes the submission sketches onto the wall
of his studio for use as a reference.

Harry and his grandson, Max Whitehorse, 
hammer small pieces of the steel.